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Poetic Evolution

Welcome to Poetic Evolution, the poetry site of poet, author and songwriter Janine Perry. Here you will find soulful poems about life, poems about romance, Spiritual poems, motivational poems, and other various aspects of humanity. Each set of poems and be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of every page. For instance, if you click “Poems about life” on the navigation bar it will take you to that set of poems. At the bottom of each poems page you can click the numbers to move on to the next poem. Each poem has a video attached, so for example if you go to poems about life you’ll see a box next to the poem, click play to hear it read. Please relax and enjoy reading these poems and feel free to leave comments on my YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. To get you started is a poem from the poems about life section called reality, thank you and enjoy!

Poetry About Life


Everyone in life experiences ups and downs, Every life knows love and lost.

A babe is enthralled by the nurturing and envelopment of a mother's womb, And then forced to vacate the comfort of its solitude.

Lovers part and return, If love is real, Only to find new love, In an old lover's arms.

An old woman still blushes at the gaze of the man whose love rests in her bosom, And should he supercede her in death, The memory of their love will live on.

The reality is: You can show a man how to survive, But you can't make him do it.

You can encourage people to seek God, But you can't make people find God, People have to find God on their own.

The reality is: Everyone has emotional needs and sexual desires. Whether active or suppressed. When active, it can be healthy or addictive, But when suppressed, It can cause men in robes to rape little boys.

The reality is: We all make mistakes, In life you live and learn.

The reality is: Everyone needs to love and be loved. Love involves risks, being vulnerable, letting go of inhibitions. There's no one to impress, God already knows all about us, And most people don't care. Be true to yourself, The heart never lies, The flesh gets weak, The mind gets restless, The spirit is always searching, longing, For something outside of itself, To satisfy itself.

The reality is: Some people live all their lives, And never find what it is.

By Janine Perry